Who is who in the world of architectural visualization?

I found this selection interesting.I think we all learn from everyone and have a list that we can visit from time to time can be enriching to progress in our results.

I am aware of the risk I assume.

Whenever you make a selection, there are people who keep out.

I would like to make it clear that this is MY selection.

As in sport, this list is alive. Depending on the evolution of each company, its latest projects.

As I have been creating it, when I thought it was already finished, new names have appeared that I have added to the list. I’m sure I’ve left names.

What I have clear is that they are all of the ones that are in the lis, even if they are not all of them.

I hope no one is angry that he has not been selected. I insist that this is my list and I’m sure you have unforgivable faults and absences. I hope that with your help, I can increase this listing.

What will you find in the list?

This is an alphabetically ordered compilation of the most relevant websites with resources of most interesting models for our work.
You are most likely to detect more than one significant absence.
If so, tell me and I will change it. With your help, we will improve the list together.

In addition to the link to the website, you will also have the Facebook fan page and your Twitter profile.

An image of your website and a brief description complete the information. I hope it is of interest to you. For me it is.


Since the time our company was created our goal has been to provide tools for the market that innovate or improve upon a number of working methods and procedures. 

Our goal is not just to provide technology, which we do, but to facilitate working processes to do certain tasks for which the tools may not even have existed. 


24studio is a multidisciplinary studio of professionals managed by Ildefonso Rodríguez Moreno and José Troya García. Our main field of production is the architectural visualization and communication. 

We manage a brand communications agency to tightly gather Design, Architecture, Cinema and the latest graphic multimedia in order to develop a different and innovative audiovisual project. 


2G Studio is a professional 3D Visualization studio founded in 2011 in Surabaya, Indonesia by ReinaldoHandaya and Evan Mandala. It’s consisted in bringing together their skills, styles and criticism of 3D that complement each other. 

The uniting of their crucial abilities results in developing themselves as better illustration artists offering the best quality of professional visuals with punctuality for their clients. 


3DQ is a digital agency specialized in Hospitality and Interior Design and Architecture Computer Generated Images (CGI). 

We work closely with designers, architects and developers as a design tool to help them visualize their potential projects, presentations or competitions. 


Architectural visualisation is more than rendering. 

They are specialized in architecture and product design renderings as well as in creating imagery for art projects and commercials. 

We provide design services including the creation of 3d computer models,3d renderings, computer animations, and their digital post production. 


Architecture, Visualization, Graphic Training 



AIMIR is a team of outstanding professionals from the fields of architecture, design, 

and technology who are passionate to pursue the art of architectural visualization. 

What sets AIMIR apart is our unique and innovative creative process which enables us to convert your ideas into reality. 



AIMIR is a team of outstanding professionals from the fields of architecture, design, 

and technology who are passionate to pursue the art of architectural visualization. 

What sets AIMIR apart is our unique and innovative creative process which enables us to convert your ideas into reality. 

Established in 2002, the studio has significant experience in CGI production and the delivery of 

marketing collateral, particularly within the architectural, interior design and property development spheres. 

Our team brings its technical skill set, design acumen and creative flair to every project, bringing to life our clients’ designs, concepts and vision. 


Arqui9 Visualisation is an award winning architectural visualisation studio, located south of London in Surrey. 

Dedicated to the art of creating unique and engaging architectural media experiences through animations and stills. 


ArX Solutions is a widely experienced 3D architectural visualization firm. 

We produce 3D renderings, animations and films for projects in every market, all over the world. 

We specialize in providing computer graphics solutions for charrettes, architectural workshops and master planning.…


In Beauty And The Bit we´re specialized in narrating, suggesting and evoking architectural spaces through images. 

Our mission is clear: Getting to know and helping as many architecture studios (regardless of their size), 

architects and organizations all over the world as we can. 


Berga & Gonzalez arquitectos SLP is an architectural rendering studio founded in Barcelona in 2001 by the architects Alberto Berga and Javier Gonzalez, 

composed of a large team of professionals and since 2013 also present in California through our office in Los Angeles. 




Brick Visual is a high-end, high-volume design communication company.

The exponentially growing team's expertise enables them to create a wide range of architectural visualizations from still images through motion pictures and even VR/AR.

Their distinctive artistic style helps to communicate architecture in its most stunning way. 


Distinguished by our global reach with 16 studios across world centres, unrivalled diversity with 500+ design experts and distinctive client focus with over 75% income from repeat business, 

we create world-class and fully-integrated cities, 

places and buildings to unlock lasting value. 


They provide comprehensive support from concept to delivery for computer imaging and video production to a wide variety of industries. 

We bring your vision to life through evocative, photorealistic 3D imagery and animation. 

We give consideration to every surface texture, finish and light source, ensuring our images evoke warmth, ambience and beauty. 


Creative process of making architecture, products, and design come to life through various forms of media. 

By directly communicating with our production, and project managers, our clients can have a piece of mind on getting their projects done on time and in outsanding quality. 

CGveron has specialized in creating images, playing between reality and fantasy we all would like to live . 

We have great experience in projects of various scales which allows us to create a image quality with a serious and formal work. 


We are specialized in exterior and interior architectural visualization, landscape and product design. 

We see our work as virtual photographs with a natural mood. 

We are a creative communications agency that builds brands and develops immersive marketing campaigns for the fields of property development, architecture and the arts. 

We create digital representation of architectures and products. 

A team of architects and artists for emotional imagery. 

GAYARRE infografia

Our goal is help you to seduce. 

Hi, my name is Juan Gayarre, I am an architect and architectural visualizer. 

I have been running GAYARRE infografía since 1990. 

With our services, YOUR client will have enough confidence to accelerate and confirm the purchase decision. 

My name is Andrey Marchenko and I am the founder of Genius Loci. I’ve been so much passionate about visual arts since I could remember myself. 

And I must say that Genius Loci takes its roots from the drawing book and the pencil which I found at my grandma’s 20 years ago. 


We’re meticulous about everything we do, from the technical specs to the subtlest details. 

But we don’t just present your idea in an accurate way. We reveal its true character. 

Because when the whole thing really lives and breathes, you can explore it, experience it – and be inspired. 


Founded in 1995 by CEO Hector Macleod, Glassworks was launched as a modern post-production facility supplying high-end digital animation and visual effects expertise for the production of creative content, from award-winning commercials to film, promos and digital material. 


This website is the portfolio of my humble self, going by the name of Phil Buerer. 

I am a freelance digital artist, with a great passion for architectural visualization. 

Educated and certified as a draftsman and web & media publisher I work with pencils, sketchbooks and construction drawings, as well as pixels & polygons. 


Specialists in Architectural Visualisation, we want to create
visuals that inspire, to craft visuals that have a human and
atmospheric feel and not only photorealistic.

Our number 1 priority is to create spectacular visuals that exceed
our client's expectations, our artistic talent really shines through,
married up with our wealth of technical know how!


We consider ourselves artists rather than regular 3D visualizers. 

We always take different paths to add a unique atmosphere to our work. 

We spend a lot of time focusing on key elements, such as composition, lighting and mood. 


LevelArchiviz is a creative studio based in Milan,
born from the passion of two young architects 4 years ago,
in a small room of an apartment.
By now it has become a solid reality boasting numerous clients and
The office is located in Milan, in the Moscova area.
Here we have joined our knowledge with those of other collaborators,
going to enrich the skills also on the front of Virtual Reality.


We are a creative visualization agency specializing in virtual reality, architecture and real estate. LNG Studios is a team of dedicated artists. 

We are creators and problem solvers. We come from all corners of the world and each bring a unique set of skills that complement one another. 




Marek Denko was born in 1980 in former Czechoslovakia in the small town in the central part of Slovak republic. 

He fell in love with computers in 1991 with his first Atari 800XL. In 1995 he discovered the magic of 3dstudio R4. 


We are a firm committed to deliver high quality 3D visualization images and animations, destined to architects, designers, real-estate investors, furniture industry, publicity or individuals. 

Our years of experience in the project and construction field gave us full understanding of the contemporary relationship between Architecture, Design and the 3D digital production. 


Minmud is a visualisation agency.

We make great images and animation. 

A montage of 2D and 3D, photography and film. 

We’re an art lead agency that believe in a quality product derived from traditional artistic process. 

We don’t mass produce. 


Mir is a creative studio tucked in between seven mountains on the rainy west coast of Norway. 

We make images of unbuilt architecture. 

Our small team of hand-picked artists from all over the world cater to some of the top architectural practices of our time. 


Born in 1980 from a conviction that 3 dimensional media, in particular scale models in that time was the only way to present and communicate an architectural project, the company now consists of five distinct departments each with its own expert team but under one umbrella to provide a full service suite. 


The MOTIV studio is a unique way to showcase your projects, every image or animation created by us reveals some distinctive character and exceptional vitality. 

Our wide knowledge of visualisation and animation techniques, and the passion which we invest in your product, will result in a unique expression that will be long remembered by the receivers. 


Neoscape is a creative agency for the built environment. 

We are artists, filmmakers, designers and consultants focused on the expression of architecture and environmental design. 

We support these movements with valuable stories and elegant imagery that communicate the next generation of development and design. 


As an experienced visualization company, on3studio is dedicated to the representation of ideas, and their uniqueness. 

From the study of an architectonic detail, to object representation, or all the way to complete urban-planning conceptions, on3studio creates striking visualizations via renderings, … 


Sfeervolle 3D visualisatie als presentatiemiddel voor uw vastgoedprojecten. 

Diverse grootte en minder grootte vastgoedpartijen gingen u voor en laten de 3D visualisaties door ons verzorgen! 


We render concepts into inspiring photo-real 3D 

imagery and film, providing the strong visual support for the marketing of residential, industrial, office and public projects. 


Total compromiso e interés sobre el trabajo que desarrollamos. Aportamos ideas interesantes. 

Nos involucramos en los proyectos. Cumplimos con los plazos de entrega. 

Realizamos Páginas web que te ayudaran a mostrar mejor tu producto. 



In Pictury, we use the lighting, the frame, 

the composition and the figuration as main elements which provide an added value to each image main keeping the architecture as main protagonist. 

We take care even the smallest details emphasizing the qualities of each project, creating a combination of emotions within the frame of the image. 

PixelPro istnieje na rynku od 2008 roku. Bralismy udział w wielu duzych inwestycjach i projektach dla czołowych pracowni architektonicznych. Współpracujemy zarówno z firmami krajowymi i zagranicznymi. 

Zajmujemy sie tworzeniem profesjonalnych i fotorealistycznych prac spełniajacych oczekiwania najbardziej wymagajacych klientów 


Alfa Smyrna, after becoming an architect, (graduated from METU) discovered 3D Computer Arts. 

Now specialize in 3D digital arts, producing visuals for a wide range of project types : interior styling and visualisation, exteriror renders, environment design and rendering (for tv and movies) and product visualisation. 


PLAY-TIME is a group of architects with broad experience in the photography, graphic design and audiovisual fields. 

The image that communicates lingers in our memory. Light, shadow, texture and color are the tools 

PLAY-TIME combines to communicate the values of architecture through an image. 

The people at pure are an established creative team with experience in architecture, product design, advertising, film, photography and post-production. 

We use all of these channelsto skillfully communicate our clients “visual identities”, creating impressive designs and visual solutions. 


When we started Zero Fractal Toronto, we wanted to revolutionize 3D animation and renderings— and kick some creative ass. 

Over the past decade, we have had an incredible growth spurt and massive creative metamorphosis. 


My name is Marcin Jastrzebski. I’m a computer graphic designer and photography artist. I studied philosophy but I have chosen computer graphic designing as my life path. 

Over 18 years I was owner of the small CG company called NEBULA-Grafika was operating in the architectural visalization field since 1997 year. 


Recent Spaces is a London-based architectural and design visualisation studio founded by Alex York and Iain Banks. 

The Recent Spaces philosophy is simple: 

Create beautiful, detailed and effective design 



RM Design Studio is a one of a kind-hybrid of 

architectural design and visualization. 

For nearly two decades we have been helping clients surpass their goals through solid design and exquisite presentations. 


Fascinated by the image in general, and particulary computer graphics from a young. age, I am constantly looking for creativity, innovation and perfection in an attempt push the boundaries of each project. 

Although I am specialized in architectural visualization, I am totally open to all subjects. visualization, I am totally open to all subjects. 



Shimahara Illustration produces high-performance 

architectural illustration, animation, film, and VR. 


An architecture visualisation studio inspired by nature and human interaction, Sketchberg delivers warm and ambiental still images and animations. 

SKYLINE offers high quality visualizations, animations and interactive virtual tours. 

We guarantee professional approach to every project, timeliness with affordable prices. 


Splendid 4D is a Visualization Solution Company based in Los Angeles, California with a division studio in Beijing, China. 

Our chief digital artists have more than 50 years of combined working experience including lead designers, architects, and engineers on projects across the United States and Asia respectively. 


We are a creative company, a large and talented team crafting extraordinary and unique work across many disciplines - from video content and animation, to interactive exhibitions, branding, websites, design, games and strategy… 

The Tangram 3DS philosophy . . . making sure all the pieces fit. 

With skill and imagination, the pieces of a tangram puzzle can be arranged and rearranged to form hundreds of shapes. 

Tegmark is a company specialising in visualising all kinds of possible worlds. 

In the last six years we have been involved in over 300 projects for some 57 architects all over the world. 


Founded in 2014 by Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss, The Boundary has rapidly gained an international reputation for excellence in the visual representation of architecture and the built environment. 

Our services include traditional still images (CGI’s) for printed media, animation and film, VFX and immersive content including virtual reality and augmented reality. 


We create work that gets noticed by thinking harder, pushing further and caring more. 

We are The Neighbourhood. 

We’re here to help brands build stronger personalities and find their natural voice. 


Come on in. Wipe your feet. We are a next-gen creative studio that excels at the intersection of technology and ideas. 

We offer visualization and branding services for architecture, marketing and advertising and specialize in the creation of stunning 3D assets, animation and interactive experiences for future-looking brands - from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

De visie van George Nijland op ontwerp is net zo helder als het werk zelf: designers, architecten of 

projectinrichters zien hun idee graag vertaald in concrete beelden die hun ontwerp eer aan doen. 

Die het interieur of exterieur een sfeer en gevoel geven. Hun klanten hebben daar behoefte aan, en dat weet George als geen ander. 


Our Advertising campaigns and marketing tools 

specialized in architecture areas are aimed to achieve the most high-end movies that attract audience to know more about the projects and products we show. 


We aim at all time to provide our customers with the most beutiful 3D images attractive and powerfull, as close to reatily and work of digitarl art. 

We aim at all time to provide our customers with the most beutiful 3D images attractive and powerfull, as close to reatily and work of digitarl art. 


Es una empresa española con más de 20 años de experiencia en el área de la comunicación, destacando la visualización 3D de alta calidad. 

Actualmente hemos desarrollado más de 10.000 proyectos, muchos de ellos para empresas multinacionales.

We feel that our mission is to help our clients get an ultimate sense and feel of what their future projects will look like by supplying them with exclusive archviz renders. 

vision 3d

Vision3D has become a unifying nucleus of different media, in which we intend to
accommodate not only to our own work, but also that it will be a source of knowledge
for anyone who is interested in our work, 3D design.

For this reason we have different platforms, from which you can follow all our growing
activity.Our blog, Vision3D Blog (,
picks up the latest and most remarkable 3D resources: textures, tutorials, interviews, etc.


Visualhouse is a creative agency focused on creating compelling brand stories for architecture, design, and the built environment. 

We work worldwide with leading architects, developers, designers and agencies on landmark projects tive. 

Studio VIZE has over 18 years experiences in the 

visualization industry and consists of architects and digital artists dedicated to producing renderings that are faithful renditions of the architect’s design, with a realism and unique artistry. 


Vrender has been in the 3D visualization industry for more than 15 years. 

Our team of professionals uses strategic digital innovations to create realistic animation and rendering of stunning 3D assets. 

We are inspired digital craftsmen who operate globally. 

We offer cutting-edge effective creativity solutions for architects, designers and property developers. 

Our 3D vision can offer clients the opportunity to win pitches and gain market exposure. 

WAX creates images of the unbuilt. 

The strength of an image lays in its possibility to tell a story, to evoke emotions. 

Every project has its own story to tell: 

WAX is there to tell it. 


Images of architecture 


xoio was founded 2006 by Peter Stulz as a provider for 3d-illustrations. 

Our studio is situated in Kreuzberg, the heart of germany’s capital Berlin. 

Within the last years xoio has extended its portfolio to offer architectural visualizations, creative imageryand 3d-animations. 


Founded in 2003, Zaxis was born out of a desire to bring ideas to life using state of the art 3D technology. 

This started with creating beautiful photo-realistic 3D still images and 3D animations for the property industry and is still evolving into much more. 


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