The 3 factors that accelerate your render

“Work hard, render fast, retire young”

old slogan of our 3D program for years: EIAS 3D

It is a great slogan for a rendering application. This concept, as you know, is the process by which, after entering data into the computer about geometry, textures and lights, transforms this information into an image.

The rendering process

The rendering process of an image, can be very fast or simply eternal.

So, the slogan speaks of the process that people who are dedicated to renders over the years live everyday:

work hard on the setup of the scene (3D modeling, texturing each of the elements, light up properly) and click the button that customers consider magical, to begin the process of rendering getting it as quickly as possible.

In this way, you will retire young. (?)

Factors involved

For a rendering process possible and, then fast, there are involved several factors:

  • The machine speed
  • The amount of RAM installed
  • The goodness of rendering algorithm we use

Every time rendering applications give more options but they are also more demanding on hardware resources and RAM.

Learning to manage stress limits is a struggle that those who are dedicated to render have to get used to it.

Convert zeros and ones in seductive images is very laborious.

It is very difficult to think of an early retirement. Hopefully.


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