See what we did to win this render competition

Have you ever participated in a render contest?

Do you know how to start the planning to win?

What considerations must be in your mind to be satisfied with your result?

In this post, we explain you the path that we followed to get the first prize,

obviously, with a big dose of luck 😉

Competition rules

The same 3D model were provided to all contestants. From here, your imagination was the only limitation.

You could deliver as many images as you wanted.

This type of competitions attract all kinds of competitors. There were with experience and novice ones. I do not know how many finally participated, but it was a worldwide competition and the level of the finalists very high. Without a doubt, we are proud of winning in these circumstances.

Our initial process

It was not the first time we took part in a competition. When they are so very open, it is hard to decide to go. What criteria choosing to win.



  • Imaging what will be the composition of the jury and what they would value.
  • Choosing a view and a frame.
  • How to light the scene up: day, night, cloudy…
  • What materials to use.
  • In black and white or in color?

Anyway, many possibilities and many decisions to make.

The decision

We immediately found that the 3d model of Arya Siek was very versatile. It offered many views to be displayed.

Our working method is not subject to strict rules for decision-making. That is, with the same test, we checked whether the textures, lighting, perspective, etc. was working or not. Little by little we opted for one option.

It was as valid as the other we rejected.

So, we decided to visualize the model as if it had been abandoned. As if time had swallowed it.

Vegetation had grown up around and even inside. The original materials were not recognized.

Attractive framings

As I already mentioned, the bridge was attractive from many points of view.

We considered the possibility of distant and even very close views. They all had something interesting.

In the end, to limit decisions, we focused on these three points of view.

For various reasons, more linked with aesthetic sensations than anything else, we kept the vertical framing.


Once again, the attention to detail

Details make the difference between a good image and a winning image. We made additional efforts.

In modeling

We wanted to show the deteriorating situation of the bridge. To do this, we made multiple actions on the 3d model:

We broke the windows, both on the deck as lower floor.

On the stairs, we eliminated some steps

In the handrail, we made a few notches.

Messy vegetation grew everywhere and some dry leaves appeared in the foreground.
The standing water also helped.

In the end, we even put a few crows in 3d and the rusty barrel.

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In the textures

Materials should appear, accordingly with the above, cracked, rusted, battered by time:

cor-ten steel, concrete, wall with graffiti,…


After heated discussions within the team, we decided to give a more inhospitable aspect to the scene, illuminating a pretty night scene. We lost some details but we won in the end result.

The other image we submitted sought this desolate look with the lighting of a cloudy day.


It was the latest discovery. It was quite costly but it was the icing on the cake.


Post production

Although we did some tests with the final image in black and white, which we liked very much, we decided to submit them in color.

Successive adjustments allowed us to reach the desired end and we sent the images.

Uncontrollable factors

I do not know how long we dedicated the three team members. We did what we could and then, one of the most decisive factors in a competition, gave us as winners: luck.

Luck not understood as “I do anything and let’s see what happens”. I mean the jury take a liking to us. Another jury would probably have chosen another image (we believe there are several very good).

We are very happy and it gives us strength to continue.

We hope our clients find that, when they let us to do, we get the most brilliant results.

Soon I will show you a “Making of”. Thanks for your time.

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