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See what we did to win this render competition

Have you ever participated in a render contest? Do you know how to start the planning to win? What considerations must be in your mind to be satisfied with your result? In this post, we explain you the path that we followed to get the first prize, obviously, with a [...]

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The magic of 3D animation

Did you imagine before why, all of us, we feel attracted for the 3d films?What's the reason? This is one of those terms that cause confusion. It is not the same talking about the process than the result. Let me explain it.Initially we will talk about movies and we will do [...]

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Making of 6th Render Party Rendering Competition

INSPIRATIONOnce we have chosen the point of view and the aspect of the scene, we set out to search for reference images, which help us to get, as close as possible, the final idea.The fundamental keys of our image were the deterioration and the abandonment of the place.We are looking [...]

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