Making of 6th Render Party Rendering Competition

INSPIRATION Once we have chosen the point of view and the aspect of the scene, we set out to search for reference images, which help us to get, as close as possible, the final idea. The fundamental keys of our…

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See what we did to win this render competition

Have you ever participated in a render contest? Do you know how to start the planning to win? What considerations must be in your mind to be satisfied with your result? In this post, we explain you the path that…

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How to use our birds and raise your video to pro level

Have you try to include 3d birds flying in your scene? Have you seen the results are not as natural as expected? and also, you have spent a lot of time to set the rigging correctly… In this opportunity, I…

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7 details that will enhance your animation

Have you ever been in this situation trying to start an animation? Obviously, the process to make a still image is really different of the way “to build” an animation. In this post, you’ll find some details to ensure your…

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How to insert a time-lapse sky in your video in less than 5 minutes

Could you imagine the increment of quality in your production using a time lapse sky? Do you know the secrets to make it more credible and professional? In this post, I tell you the secrets to get it with a…

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How to forget the trouble of insert trees in motion

Had you ever felt powerless trying to incorporate vegetation in motion to your scene? We know perfectly this feeling. It’s very frustrating. In this post, I show another path to follow and get professional results with our trees. Not always is…

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